Sunday, July 16, 2017


I can't believe my buddy is 10. I used to call him my "Buddy ba Chuddy". He was also known as
The purple monkey. I kinda forget why we called him the purple monkey. I think I was telling him stories that I Made up. One had a purple monkey. But the story was usually about what he had done that day. 

Anyway. I went through all these old pictures. I tried to find one a year for 10 years. These are what I came up with.   We have had a lot of adventures. 

Horseback riding in my favorite shirt. 

Here we are at Hershey park. My little Hershey kiss. 
They say :
The rain in Spain,
Stays mainly on the plain!

But the rain in Texas!
Will make a messess. 
Sea world. See world. 

Celebrating at the Orange leaf. 

Remember all the rainbow loom. And that time David hasselhoff came by?

Beach Tuesday with my favorite hat. 

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