Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Father's Day

This week was Father's Day. Emmy was kind enough to draw me some art work. I like it. She has some issues with spelling. This is a castle on a rainbow. A unicorn in the left. A Pegasus on the right. And princess Emmy on the top of the castle. All over pink grass. 
Big news! Sammy is facing forward!  
I was going through the google photo back up of kid adventures. These were some great memories of tiny kids.      

Monday, June 19, 2017

Facing Mortality

So, I see mainly disease at work. I don't see health. Occasionally, I will see injury in a healthy person but mostly I see sickness.

Medical education up until the late 1700 was mainly observational. Since 1900 it has been based on science and research. For good or bad, science will get us healthy and living longer. Any other health based systems may have the answers, Eastern medicine, acupuncture, vegan diets, organic, etc. Eventually Science should show what is evidence based and what is healthy and should explain the mechanism of action.

So, I went through medical school. I learned the biology, biochemistry, pathology, anatomy, pharmacology. Granted, I have forgotten a lot of it, but I understood it once.

But now I am in practice and have been for 10 years, meaning I have seen more than 50,000 patients/patient encounters. So now I am trying to pay attention to what makes people healthy, not just what makes them sick.

I have been trying to understand this because I turn 40 and want to stay healthy. People DIE after 40 from normal things like heart disease and cancer. They die younger than that too, but most of those things have a genetic component. This means that before that it was my parents fault, now it is my fault.

Here are some things I am learning:

Triathalon participants have twice the risk of death over marathon runners. They die in the swim, not the marathon. Triathalon participants are also older than marathon runners and richer generally. Cardiovascular fitness (ie endurance) by itself may not be the only thing needed for health.

Lean muscle mass is necessary for Blood pressure, Diabetes, Stroke, and chronic diseases.

Plant based diets have lower cancer risks.

Ketogenic (high Fat diet, high protein diet) has been shown to not change cholesterol, and has been shown to lower risk of cancer (no sugar means cancer cells die) this evidence needs more research but some of the logic is sound.

Sleep plays a big role in hormones, hormones change body metabolism and fat composition.

Meditation/prayer is essential for blood pressure and can help with depression

Cold showers are supposed to help with fat burning, younger skin, lower blood pressure and increased testosterone

Cardio exercise is supposed to help prevent dementia

Calories in and calories out still is key to weight loss and weight gain.

Through out the last 30 years what is 'healthy' has changed.

High intensity interval training is key to fitness, benefits of burning fat and growing muscle.

Weight lifting is key to growing in size/strength

Reading helps prevent dementia

Here is what I am seeing:

people that stay working stay out of the hospital. most people I see have no job. they have either retired and therefor no longer have something to keep them going. Or they are unemployed and that leads to lack of effort. There is something about working that keeps people healthy.

I don't see a lot of body builders in the emergency room

I don't see a lot of runners.

I don't see a lot of Vegans in the emergency room

I have never met anyone on ketogenic diet

So What should I be doing.

Sounds like a low carb diet, high in plants is the way to go, the closer to eating something out of ground or off the tree is better. If you can grow it, even better.

High Intensity Interval Training and Circuit training should be part of day

Getting better sleep will help with hormones


Read daily.

No where in any of my reading did anyone say the internet was helpful or that movies/television were helpful

Monday, June 12, 2017

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Kid Letters

Dear kids,

I feel like I haven't seen that much of you, between travel and work I miss you guys. So this is what I have been trying to figure out.

there is a fine balance in life and I cant seem to find it. I want to show you the world had give you opportunities for learning and development, so I need to work, but I spend so much time at work I feel it takes away from my time with you.

I have been reading about reward circuits in the brain and the development of habits. One of the things I have been pondering is the relationship between electronic devices and our habits. WHen I was growing up we got lectures on the dangers of music, rock and roll, drugs and Television. I heard about how classical music is good for the brain and how it helps plants grow etc, I also heard how too much TV made us dumb. I remember my dad getting mad at us and yelling and unplugging the tv for 6 years. I also remember going to the Church to watch BYU play on the satellite, back then you couldn't watch college football without a satellite.

And now I feel like I am my dad, but with iPads. we didn't let eli play on ipads or computers until he went to school and had computer assignments, he came home crying that he didn't know how to use them, so we have been letting you play with them. Im frankly impressed at how easy it is for yall to figure this stuff out. Tessa especially, that kid cracks me up.

Im sure there is a fine line between too much and knowing enough for education. But what I have learned is that it can program your dopamine receptors and lead to mood instability when not on the device, This is leading to a nation wide depression/anxiety and difficulty with work flow. Some people are so crippled they cant do anything else.

I'm really proud of you kids and your ability to read and play and how smart you are, but I think yall are on there a bit too much.

Heres my question: ipads are your generation, TV was my generation, What was my dad's generation, and what about grandparents? Im assuming parents have always fussed at kids, or made them work. Maybe We should force you into work.

anyway, I love you kids, Im super proud of how smart you are.


Monday, May 8, 2017

Netherlands and Oberwesel

We Got up to drive from Brussels to our last night/hotel in Germany, The road took us through the Netherlands so we stopped. We found a super cute bakery and Had lunch. We did not see any WindMills, we went through the very southern part, We then went to our Castle Hotel and it is awesome


If you do anything in Germany, you must stay here, there are a ton of castles on the Rhine valley, this was our hotel, I got treated like a king, it was awesome. This castle dates back to 900 ad or so but it was Stone structure in 1100-1200's, the castle had been destroyed and rebuilt several times and was left as a ruin for 200 years until some rich guy bought it and built it as a hotel. I hiked the hill down to the old medieval city and ruins, It was awesome, Germany is so pretty, interesting history and the people were all super friendly to us


Sunday, May 7, 2017

Luxembourg and Brussels

We stayed in Luxembourg at an Ultra trendy and hip hotel. THe food was good, we slept great, we got up and went to the old town Luxembourg, what a pretty town, it was really neat, they had some "Casemate" which is like an underground fortification, The old city had been taken over by Spain, France, Germany, and many others, these old fortifications kept people safe. ONe of the Hapsburgs was hidden in there for like 2 years


We drove to Brussels and that may have been a mistake. the traffic and directions and map were nearly impossible to figure out. But the waffles were good.
Our Hotel was super weird, it had a morrocan theme, it was called Hotel Mozart. Weird, weird weird.


Saturday, May 6, 2017

Black Forest

So we stayed in Frieburg, it was the old medieval capital of Black Forest, This is one of the Gates to the OLD CITY, Kinda funny McDonalds was built into one of these old walls. We explored the old city There is a really neat Gothic Cathedral that is pretty, There was a market that day and we were able to get some Christmas decorations, The church was interesting there were more female statues than male, interesting on a medieval Catholic church

After Frieburg we went into the Black Forrest and to the Coo Coo Clock capital of Germany, TriBurg, what a cute little town