Friday, June 15, 2018

Galveston beach vacation

We took the family to galveston this week for a vacation, it was mainly to celebrate first of summer since school was out, we love going to the beach. We wish we lived closer, and had bigger waves, Galveston was really nice because the waves are small and the beach goes on forever, there were not that many people there, Cassidy and her family all came down as well. They came for Wednesday

Best Sand Buddies

I took ELI, Dora and MEgan for a walk at night to look for the crabs that come out at night, they look almost transparent so we called them Ghost Crabs, we saw 5

I took these next few pictures for Bridget, I thought they came out nice

Eli and I are giants

Look at all the fun

To end it off we went to my Friend Kevin's place, he took us out on the Bay of Galveston, the kids had a blast, first time riding a boat for some of them, First time on tube for all of them.

Eli is pretty good on a Paddle Board

Friday, June 8, 2018

Cabo San Lucas

Bridget surprised me for Father's day, she Got Carla to watch the kids so that we could have a weekend away, it was pretty fun, we flew into Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. We stayed in a fancy resort and had some really good food.

Playa Grande, view from our room

We walked around the Marina.

Beach view in front of our hotel

I have never seen a pufferfish before, now i can say i have never seen a living puffer fish before

Breakfast on the beach

View from the Bay

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


My dad turned 70 this week. Eli and I flew up to surprise him. Eli was super pumped to go on a little adventure. He was a good traveling companion. We took a cab from the airport. And walked in to a completely surprised grandpa. Grandma Lila kept
The secret very well

Sunset on the airplane. 

We woke up and took my diabetic father out for a very high carb breakfast. 

He showed us the Temple. Then showed us the mission office. 

We then went and got Grandma Lila and went to the Navy Pier. 

Eli and Grandma. 

We went on the Ferris wheel. It was invented in Chicago for 1893 world’s fair. 

We took a river cruise. They showed us the architecture and gave history of Chicago. 

Looking up at the sears now Willis Tower. 

After the river cruise we went to the Sears Tower. 

Grandma Lila took us to a very fancy European bakery. Bought this little guy for Eli. 

Long day. Happy Birthsay Papa Hugh.