Wednesday, February 14, 2018


We took a trip to Florida with Cassidy’s family. It was a lot of fun. The kids are finally getting old enough to ride the good rides. This sadly coincides with my aging and being too old to go on the really good rides. I actually blacked out once on the hulk ride. It was only for a second and I didn’t pee my pants so that’s was nice. 

Here Emmy met the Lorax with the Sammy. They all three were happy to make acquaintance. 

Can anyone feel the magic. I took this picture to remind myself why we go.... Butter beer. 

There’s the family on the hippogriffith ride. 
Here is most of us on the Jurassic Park ride. 

The people that sign this stuff are super cool. 

Wolverine was awesome. Kept making jokes for the kids. 

Spider-Man is now Latin. He’s way funnier and entertaining. Kept everyone laughing really hard. 

Here Sammy and I are waiting outside gringots. Above Tessa and Grandma are on the Pterygon Fliers. 

Making friends with the locals. 

We met a very uncharismatic Mickey after waiting an hour and ten minutes. 
Ah. The T-nut. I hope you never grow up. 

Ah Sammy. I can’t wait for you to grow up. 

I conned the kids to go on the log ride. We. Got. Soaked. It was so fun. 

Yearly caricature. 

We spent our last day in Tampa at the Busch Gardens. Awesome zoo theme park. 


We had a lot of fun in January. We had the Latvians withnus for the first half. We’re not supposed to share pictures but since this is an online journal that no one reads I feel like it is ok. We took them to the beach and to rain Forrest cafe. The beach was kinda chilly. But we had a lot of fun. Eli is old enough to actually be fun with a frisbee. 

We also took them to the zoo. It was very cold and we elected to go home early. 

We learned how to make apple tart pastries shaped like roses. 
While they were here Eli broke Sammy’s leg. And Tessa kept growing up. The girls left and everyone was sad. 

Here are some of the last days with the cast. Notice Sammy has a hand sock. 

It got really cold and actually snowed a little bit. Here is Eli in the trampoline. 

So Eli had Pinewood derby. He said he wanted his car shaped like a bullet in the front. Then sloping down. Then a lightening bolt. He shaped about half of it on my belt sander. He also polished the wheels a bit. All that paid off because he got first place!!!

Saturday, December 23, 2017